About Me


I began my artistry career as a dance instructor in 1988 teaching modern, jazz, and ballet in Atlanta, GA.  For 15 years I taught throughout Atlanta, the inner-city, and various childrens shelters.  My goal was to create healthy outlets for at-risk youth in an effort to keep them off the streets and to give them healthy opportunities for self expresion and excercise.


I relocated to Sarasota, FL in 1996 and began working as a youth counselor in a local group home while also pursuing marketing and community outreach programs.  I began studying art at Ringling College of Art and Design and also studied with Colleen Cassidy Berns. 


In 2001, I decided to use my love for creativity, art, and all things beautiful and began my career in makeup artistry with Estee Lauder. Realizing I had a talent and love for bringing out each persons unique beauty, I continued my career with Lancome, Trish McEvoy, and Yves Saint Laurent.  Currently, I am a freelance artist for Smashbox Cosmetics and travel with the Nars artistry team.


My varied experiences in the arts, counseling, and working with children and adults in diverse settings enables me to to put my heart and soul into my work and to see each clients unique beauty and style.  I truly believe beauty comes from within ourselves and it's our uniqueness and life experiences that make our lives richer and shape our identity. Makeup doesn't define us - it's an accessory that reflects who we are.  When we look beautiful, we feel beautiful. When we feel beautiful, we look beautiful and we are able to be better more confident individuals.  


I would love to help you create a beautiful look for your wedding day, professional portrait, runway shoot, special occasion, or video production.  


Thank you for visiting my site.


Love & Blessings to you.


Kim Calhoon



Kimberly Calhoon, Professional Makeup Artist